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The name Doti-Doti no Gaea is a mix of “trash” (in Nigerian pidgin) with the name of the protagonist, a hipster personification of planet Earth. Created as a playable theory, this game represents a system based in production, consumption and recycling that needs to be kept in balance, otherwise nature will be destroyed. The player helps Gaea to send residues to be recycled, but the exaggerated consumption and wrongly disposal may result in a uncontrollable garbage situation, increasing the difficulty of the game. The player must solve this imminent imbalance to transform society and save Gaea’s life.



The game was developed on a partnership with BlankTape for the exhibit REVERTA - Arte e Sustentabilidade, which took place in May 2015 at OCA. I worked as Lead Game Designer and Game Artist.


You can find more info here.



>> nominated for BIG Festival 2016, Best Environmental Game Award

>> exhibited at Reverta - Arte e Sustentabilidade, Sao Paulo, 2015